Nice Studios is a digital production company based in Los Angeles and New York that specializes in branded and experiential content and animation. With a growing partner list that includes brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Coca-Cola and Spike TV, we always strive to authentically capture  the story within each brand or product’s unique character, value and aesthetic. To that end, the Nice team brings not only artistic and technical expertise but also strategic marketing insights that inform the creative process.

We understand that content doesn’t live in a vacuum. It’s a part of a larger brand strategy and often needs to accomplish multiple goals. Content must tell the viewer a compelling, valuable story in an authentic manner. It must inspire people to act on the values it espouses, and it must entertain and hold people’s attention long enough to achieve its intended impact.

In working with our partners to achieve these goals, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries, elevate our artistry and create content that truly stands out.


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